Handling large volumes of floating scum – which primarily consists of oil, lubricants, fats - is often not that easy in Industries. Vens Hydroluft offers THE WAY ROTO - SKIM SLOTTED TUBE SCUM SKIMMER As an effective solution for the problem.

Consist of a Rotary Slotted tube mounted on top of tank. Floating scum gets collected into the slotted tube and is discharged to drain

Slotted Tube consists of 60 deg slot with reinforced gaps and rotates – as often as required - through manual handle or motorised arrangement.

Tube is supported on one side to a closed flange and other side to an open flange from where the scum is discharged

How the Scum is Removed?

Usually, the slots will be positioned vertically. Oil/fat/scum get accumulated to the top. The slotted tube is rotated – either partial or maximum immersion of slot for natural flow into the tube and reverse rotate to the original position. During this rotation, scum is discharged to the open side flange.

Rotation of the slotted tube can be fixed on any one side of tank for flexibility and as shown in pic

Drive Mechanism

Drive Mechanism can be through Motorised Valves or Linkages or Chains or Simple Handles or Linear Screw

Technical Specification


200 NB

60 deg

   Motorized Linkage
   Motorized Valve
   Manual Handle