VH manufactures “The Way” CHAIN SKIMMERS fulfilling the requirement of ONE SINGLE SOURCE for all types of skimmers including- Belt, Tube, Disc, Drum, Floating type, Weir type.

Fixed on DAF Dissolved Air Flotation Systems / Effluent Tanks

Consist of an assembly of two parallel arrays of Chains driven by Sprockets with a Motor as the prime mover.

The Chains carry a battery of wiper arms which rollover the sprockets and ensure skimming of the top layer of floating contaminants and disposed to a collection chamber to drain.

Continuous removal of floating contaminants reduces TSS, BOD & COD load on the effluent treatment plant significantly and reduces the upstream cost of treatment.

Used for Skimming of:

  • Oil / Scum & Foam in Paint Industries

  • Grease & Sludge in ETPs

  • Fat & Oil in Food Processing

  • Algae in reservoirs

  • Cream in Milk Effluents

  • Waste Oil in Refineries & Edible Oil Industries

  • waste Oil Extracts in Food and Pharma Industries