About Our Group

Davey group is a 25 year old group with vast experience in the field of Filtration & Separation technologies and manufacturing.

Our Group is headed by our Director Mr.S.V.Davey whose vibrant & enthusiastic presence encourages a Technically Invigorating Work Culture. In his dynamic leadership and able guidance we continuously introduce

New Technologies
New Products
New Systems

Here at Davey Group Evolving work culture , Challenging goal posts, Critical Evaluation, Latest systems Implementaion, Enhancing skill sets is a way of daily routine. Our Workforce is Encouraged and Motivated to set advancing limits of Excellence by continuous knowledge empowerment.

We offer our products and expertise in the fields of

Hydraulic Filtration & Separation
• Water Treatment
• Effluent Treatment

Oil Skimmers, Centrifuge, Self Cleaning Filtration systems, Coolant recovery systems, Hydraulic Filtration Units – Filter Housings & Filter Elements, Filter Carts, Magnetic Separators, Auto Backwash equipment .

UV Sterilisers, Ozonators, Bag & Cartridge Filters, SDI Kits, RO Plants, UF Plants, Nano Filteration Plants, Micro Filteration Plants

Effluent Treatment Plants, STP Plants, UF Membranes (Hydrophillic & Hydrophobic) and to various MWCO & sizes.

About Vens Hydroluft

At Vens Hydroluft P Ltd with our rich experience in Hydraulic Filtration / Separation & Effluent treatment.We have specialized in manufacture of a range of OIL SKIMMERS to suit the demands of different applications of Oil separation / removal in various Industry segments.We have installations for diverse industries (Oil refineries, Automobile, Textile, Hotel, Water Treatment… ) both in India & Abroad.

Our Philosophy

Our Mission

Our Promise